About OTEK

OTEK System


Conventional systems require large amount of plumbing and floor space, and in some cases also require re-circulating and holding tanks with pumps. The ozone reticulation requires holes drilled in the laundry machines and both systems can take up to two to three days to install.

The OTEK ozone system takes approximately 1 hour to install on a laundry machine. The installation does not require any interference with the washing machine’s electrics or plumbing and can be installed while the laundry is operating. The only requirement is a 240v power supply

The OTEK ozone laundry system fits ANY front loading laundry machine, regardless of make, model or size. OTEK has been installed in every sector of the laundry landscape from small commercial establishments to large public and government facilities.

Chemical Dosage

Before commissioning the OTEK system we will always make contact with the chemical supplier and encourage them to be on site with us.

Alterations will be made to the chemical formulas for optimum results. The stain remover is always changed to chlorine as this works better in cold water compared to hydrogen Peroxide. Depending on the levels and the type of detergent we will reduce the amount of alkali break which means the amount of sour required is less.  The softener is removed altogether.


When commissioning the OTEK system full training is provided on the OTEK system and correct laundry procedure. This will help to make sure that the customer is maximising the savings that OTEK can provide and that the staff understand ozone and run the laundry to a very high standard.

Bacteria Testing

When an OTEK system is commissioned Bacteria testing is done to clarify process and site regulatory compliance.

Bacteria Reduction Using OTEK.

10 tests are taken in total on different classifications. 5 tests are taken on wet and 5 on dry linen. A microbiological report is provided to the customer.

Some customers request to have routine bacteria tests every 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you would like a quote for a bacteria test please contact us.

Support and Maintenance

As a rental customer an OTEK technician will service the equipment on a 6 monthly basis. By doing this we are in constant communication with the laundry staff and management.

The OTEK system is designed to require minimal maintenance for life of the equipment.


The typical cost of the alternate systems available in Australia starts at around $25,000. This would typically include the supply of ozone for up to four separate machines in one laundry, with a maximum load of approximately 140kgs of machinery.

The OTEK ozone system is a fraction of the cost of the corona discharge systems currently available.

Rental Plans

OTEK offers customers a very attractive rental plan. The savings on utilities alone is greater than the monthly rental charges so the laundry is saving money the moment OTEK is installed.