About Us

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Established in 2005 to commercialise its breakthrough technologies in UV generated ozone, today Ozone Technologies enjoys a unique position in the market with a customer base that spans every sector of the laundry landscape, from small commercial establishments to public and government facilities.

More than 450 systems are now installed, delivering improved productivity, substantial reductions in utilities and energy costs and significantly reduced carbon footprints.

The secret to Ozone Technologies success lies in the performance of its patented ground breaking OTEK laundry system - the clear leader in its field. Maintaining this market position has only been possible by building a clear understanding of the real issues faced by commercial laundries and a program of contestant product development.

The core OTEK UV ozone engine, now in its third generation, continues to benefit from real time field experience and the changing needs of its customer base.

Our Services

Ozone Technology customers benefit from an industry leading service that continues to put the customer first, including:

In addition each new Ozone Technologies customer receives:

Our Promise

As an Australian owned and operated company, with it's own purpose built research and development laboratory, and a dedicated team of professional installation and service engineers supporting OTEK systems across the country, Ozone technologies makes one promise to its valued customers - improvements in every key performance aspect of your commercial laundry.