Bathurst Laundry – Glenray Industries – Ozone Technologies

The laundry component of GLENRAY INDUSTRIES LIMITED, Bathurst Laundry – part of the largest Australian disability enterprise in the Bathurst,NSW district – has benefited significantly through productivity savings after adopting the advanced laundry technology system OTEK which was developed by Ozone Technologies, a 100 per cent Australian manufacturer based in western Sydney.

The OTEK laundry system is connected to 9 washers at Bathurst Laundry ranging from 20kg to 220kg capacity.

The system has proved particularly beneficial in the areas of reduced chemicals, water, and energy.

In addition, linen life is significantly prolonged via the activity of ozone which expands the weave of the linen thus helping to release ingrained soil and chemical re deposition.

The result is improved cleanliness, enhanced whiteness and colours, and a high level of disinfection.

OTEK is now successfully installed in every sector of the laundry landscape from small commercial establishments to large public and government facilities. The OTEK system produces ozone utilising the Ultra Violet Lamp method and allows for a cheaper, more flexible, more reliable and more suitable operation for laundry applications than those currently on the market.

Ozone gas is used as a cleaning and disinfection booster to replace the use of heat in accelerating the work of the water and chemicals which then leads to very significant productivity and financial savings.

Bathurst Laundry and Drive-Thru Dry Cleaning is one of two Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) of Glenray Industries, the other being Glenray Manufacturing. Glenray has proved a major boon for over 140 people with disabilities by providing employment, lifestyle and learning services, accommodation and respite support.

There are diverse day programs in place for young people and adults with disabilities. And there are programs available which offer access to, and integration with, the community via a wide range of activities.

Also, there is a range of dwelling options including house, unit or group home environments.

The laundry operation at Glenray offers an extensive range of rental linen products ideal for the hotel, motel and restaurant markets in the State’s central west.

Compared to the previous supplier at Bathurst Laundry, OTEK cycle times for sheet and towels is now 34 minutes compared to 49 minutes.

The OTEK cycle time for white blend is 49 minutes compared to 1 hour 3 minutes previously.

Also, the work cycle process has gone from 16 tons per week to 20 tons per week without any increase in hours which represent a huge advantage overall in the day-to-day running of the system and the resulting efficiencies that ensue.

“Apart from the significant cost and labour savings, it is Ozone Technologies’ customer service ethic which is outstanding. They have been diligent in every aspect of the business – from the testing stages through to installation and implementation, and follow up advice and service.

Ozone Technologies’ management is second to none when to comes to looking after the client and ensuring the ultimate in product satisfaction,” said Richard Smith, Bathurst Laundry Manager, Glenray Industries.

According to Dean Constable, Operations Manager, Ozone Technologies: “It has been a great team building exercise working with Bathurst Laundry’s management who saw the opportunities that a solid business relationship with Ozone Technologies could offer. They were quick to understand the advantages that the OTEK system could bring to their business but, at the same time, they were very willing participants when it came to asking questions about the technical nature of the installation and testing procedures. That is the sort of involvement that we encourage – ensuring that every detail has been thoroughly covered off.”