Environment Benefits

Environment Benefits

Ozone is an effective deodoriser that works by breaking the molecular bonds of many organic and inorganic compounds which are usually the cause of odours that are found in or on soiled laundry. This is very much the case with laundry at hospitals and health care facilities which often house incontinent patients.

Reduce your water use by up to 50%

Significant water reductions help save a precious resource.

Reduce your energy use by up to 90%

Cold water washing means significantly reducing your carbon footprint and making your organisation more sustainable.

Reduce your dryer gas use by up to 40%

Average reductions of 10 to 20 minutes equates to large amounts of natural gas not being burnt.

Fewer chemicals in the drain and staff to handle

By using OTEK less chemicals are used which helps the environment by decreasing the amount of chemicals in the laundry wastewater. It is also better for laundry staff because they do not have to store as many chemicals and there is less handling.

Cleaner Wastewater

Less water from fewer rinses means there is a big reduction in wastewater from the laundry. Fewer chemicals and cold water which contains more oxygen helps the microorganisms to do a better job breaking down pollutants and there

Ozone is a 100% green chemical

Ozone is a natural occurring gas and the OTEK ozone laundry system creates ozone in exactly the same way as in nature. Any unused ozone quickly reverts back to oxygen or dissolves in the water aiding microorganisms to breakdown pollutants.