Financial Benefits

The release of the OTEK system has made the benefits of ozone available and affordable for ALL laundries, not a limited few.

Return on Investment

OTEK units pay for themselves and more on their savings. The OTEK system provides a very quick and proven return on investment from the savings in utility costs alone and with the OTEK rental plan the system does not require capital outlay as the rental cost is a fraction of the savings made. Therefore there is an immediate profit on the monthly investment.

Reduce your water use by up to 50%

A traditional wash programme has 5 steps.

The savings is achieved by the elimination of steps in each wash cycle. When commissioning the OTEK system our technicians will reprogramme the washing machine. The high level flush and one high level rinse are removed resulting in up 50% water savings.

Reduce your energy use by up to 90%

A traditional wash programme usually has a 65 degree suds/bleach bath and a split first rinse to step down in temperature.

When commissioning the OTEK system our technicians will reprogramme the washing machine. They will remove all incoming hot water so the washer fills with cold water and temperature from the washer so the heating elements do not come on resulting in cold water washing. Cold water washing produces significant saving in electricity and gas consumption.

Reduce your dryer gas use by up to 40%

Ozone actually penetrates the fibres of your linen and prevents residue build-up in the weave of the linen. This combined with the removal of chemical softener improves extract efficiency and lowers water retention which equals less water in the linen going in to the dryer and therefore it takes less time to dry the linen. Not only does this leave the fibres naturally soft and fluffy but a dryer cycle that is typically 45-55 minutes can be reduced to 25-35 minutes.

Reduce your chemical costs

OTEK laundering eliminates the need for the amounts of many chemicals currently used in conventional laundering systems. Ozone boosts the power of detergents which means your laundry detergent will go a lot further. Depending on the chemistry set up when the OTEK system is commissioned the alkali in most instances is reduced significantly which means the sour can be reduced. The use of ozone naturally softens the linen which means that softener can be removed altogether.

Productivity savings of up to 30%

A shorter wash cycle means less time devoted to laundry, resulting in reduced labour costs or increased productivity through reassignment of employees. Implementation of the Ozone system also eliminates employee complaints of skin rashes, cracking, dryness and insensitivity caused by harsh soaps, chlorine bleaches and cleaning agents.

Reduce machinery maintenance costs

Reduced machine operating hours and fewer cycles means less maintenance and servicing hours. The removal of heat means that the heating elements will not require servicing or replacing.

Reduce water board charges

The fewer washes and rinses facilitated by the Ozone system equate to a 20 to 40 percent savings in water and sewer costs. Reduced chemicals and increased oxygen mean cleaner waste water.

Linen life increased

With wash cycles up to 40 percent shorter in duration, the removal of hot water and drying time cut down by 20 percent due to improved extraction, linen processed with OTEK laundry systems look better and last longer. The system uses cold temperatures, avoiding fabric shrinkage, aging and deterioration caused by hot water washing.

The OTEK system has been independently tested by the Australian Wool Testing Authority and provides the customer’s linen will last up to four times as long.