OTEK Philosophy

Innovation: developing creative applications of Ozone’s sanitisation qualities to deliver improvements in business performance.

Integrity: applying unimpeachable standards of behaviour to everything that we undertake.

Commitment: attentive to the needs of all stakeholders – our customers, our staff and our suppliers.

Responsive: we’re easy to deal with because we care about what you need and about what we do.

Open: we’re encouraging & supportive; we value your contribution and recognize our responsibilities

Authoritative but straight forward: we’re not stuffy or arrogant but we understand our business, we believe in reducing complication and we always talk in your language.

  • OTEK is for businesses that need to clean, sterilise, de-odorise and or disinfect materials and environments as an integral part of their day to day business operations and processes.  Who need to improve business performance by; reducing ongoing costs and or improving business process and or reducing the business’s carbon footprint
  • OTEK designs, builds, delivers and supports ozone powered cleaning and disinfection solutions for industry.
  • OTEK exploits its industry knowledge and the benefits of UV generated ozone to deliver safe and effective solutions.