Dry Cleaning Services Mauritius


Dry Cleaning Services is an industrial laundry in Mauritius which has been in operation for 64 years.Today it occupies premises of 200,000 sq feet, employing approximately 500 hundred staff and processing 50 tons of linen per day.

The laundry processes a wide variety of linen from 2 star to the most luxurious 5 star Hotels, airlines, hospitals, uniforms and personal clothing.The Company has a fleet of 51 vehicles which service every part of Mauritius.

Dry_Cleaning_Services_Mauritius3.jpgThe Company prides itself on having some of the most up to date laundry equipment available and a high percentage of the laundry is processed in Lavatec continuous batch washers (CBW) ....a 14 pocket 70kg and a 15 pocket 50kg.Heat is generated in the laundry by a coal fired boiler and 3 oil fired boilers on standby. The plant has also 2 mega watt of electricity via standby diesel generators in case of power supply cut.

Like the rest of the world the energy costs are continually rising and in the current global economy it is difficult to always pass on the additional costs to customers.As an Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean all of the Company’s chemicals and raw materials are imported which makes them more expensive.In 2011 the Company was approached by Ozone Technologies who knew that the OTEK system would be of enormous benefit to the Company in reducing their operating costs.Mr. Jean Marc Sauzier, the Company’s Executive Director has always embraced new technology and after discussing the way the OTEK system would benefit his laundry was very keen to set up a trial of the system.

The trial was arranged for September 2011 when Mr Michael Markstein would be available to assist with the trial. Michael Markstein is a highly respected laundry technician and consultant. After working for Lavatec for a number of years Michael started his own business called M-Tec TECHNIK + SERVICE which currently operates in Germany, Europe and provides technical support to laundries worldwide.The OTEK system was completely installed on the Lavatec 14-70 in a matter of a few hours.Dry_Cleaning_Services_Mauritius4.jpg

There was absolutely no downtime to production whatsoever. This was significant as downtime on a batch washer equates to up to 2 tons of unprocessed linen.After installing the OTEK system the heating on the batch washer was turned off and the bleach was changed from Hydrogen Peroxide to Chlorine. The softener was removed completely and there were also reductions made in the detergent, alkali break and sour.The results were immediate with whiter, soft, fresh smelling linen which maintained the high quality service that the laundries customers expected.A reduction in energy and chemical usage represented a very significant reduction in costs.A further beneficial outcome is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions helping the business reduces its carbon footprint.

Dry_Cleaning_Services_Mauritius5.jpgMichael Markstein was somewhat sceptical initially but by the end of the trial he was completely won over by the OTEK system. “I was very surprised to see how easy and quick it was to install the OTEK system. The results with lower temperatures throughout the complete process and the reduction in chemicals were great to see. It is well worth trying this method. I think the vast majority of standard linen can be washed very successfully with the OTEK ozone technology. It is environmentally friendly and a cost saving solution”Ozone Technologies are confident that Michael would highly recommend the OTEK system to other interested parties.Jean Marc was extremely pleased with the results. High quality products, good and reliable service are essential to Jean Marc and his approach to business.Jean Marc immediately decided to purchase the system outright as the costs are very low compared to other ozone systems and the OTEK system will pay for itself in a very short period of time.He also ordered a second OTEK system for his other CBW which has now been installed producing equally excellent results on sheets.

Jean Marc expressed his pleasure at working with Ozone Technologies and the professional way we conducted ourselves and the trial and would highly recommend the OTEK system. He would happily welcome interested businesses to call him so that he can explain his experiences with the OTEK system personally.Dry Cleaning ServicesPort Louis, Mauritius, +230 207 2000