Novotel Sydney Central - August, 2011


Located in the heart of Sydney with a 120 year oldhistory, the Novotel Sydney Central is at the forefront ofits industry when it comes to savings in its on premiselaundry operation. 

The heritage-listed, low rise, historic sandstone buildinglends an air of old world charm and traditional stylecombined with modern chic which is reflected in itsaccommodation, personalised service and diningoptions.With energy issues on everyone's mind, it's worthhighlighting that Novotel Sydney Central expects to derivepotential monthly savings (based on current figures) of55% following the utilisation of the OTEK system earlierthis year. The usage of the OTEK system complementsCitigate Central's NABERS Hotel Energy and Hotel WaterRatings certification where it was awarded 2 star forenergy and 2.5 stars for water which is considered, inindustry terms to be an excellent achievement. Indeed,the NABERS rating plays an important role in the hotel'ssustainability management plan.Edi Buffon, Chief Engineer at Citigate Hotel, saw a needand a desire to improve the hotel's laundry operationsand soon realised that by reducing the labour timefactor associated with each linen wash was but oneimportant element in cutting the bottom-line costs.Ozone Technologies was on hand every step of the wayof the OTEK system trial phase to answer any questionsconcerning the technical nature of the installation anddiligently guide Citigate's management through eachaspect of the testing procedures. The trial periodinvolved taking daily readings along with constantmonitoring of the impacts of the OTEK system on waterand energy as part of the data collection activity. Oncethe latter activity concluded, management was able tomake a calculation of the cost savings.

The Ozone Technologies system allows the hotel to useless chemicals, less water and less energy in theiroperation. As an example, the OTEK cycle time for sheetsand towels is now 35 minutes compared to the previouswash cycle time of 59-62 minutes - a very significantproductivity saving. According to Edi Buffon:"Housekeeper work time can now be focused on otherimportant aspects of the daily workload, thus making ita 'win-win' for both management and staff. Our laundryoperation is relatively large consisting of 4 washers and3 dryers, so it makes sense to maximise the throughputof each load. It appears the OTEK system will provesignifcant in the long run for our hotel's operating costs."

The Potential Savings on monthly washer operatinghours at the Novotel Sydney Central are as follows:

  • Productivity Hours: Savings 792 hours = 58%
  • Monthly Cost Per Kg Savings: $2788.30 = 55%
  • Potential Monthly Savings on DryerOperating Hours: 53 hours = 22%Potential
  •  Monthly Water Savings: 4425 kls = 36%
  • Annual Summary of Savings onLabour & Utilities: $35,483.42 = 59%